Turmoil in Andhra Pradesh, India

Dr Ambedkar believed that in democracy revolutionary changes in the
economic and social life of the people are brought about without bloodshed. The
conditions for that are as follows: “(1) there should not be glaring
inequalities in society, that is, privilege for one class; (2) the existence of
an opposition; (3) equality in law and administration; (4) observance of
constitutional morality; (5) no tyranny of the majority; (6) moral order of
society: and (7) public conscience.”
People of Andhra Pradesh have lived harmoniously for many years. But,
things started changing all of a sudden and thanks to greedy, power hungry
politicians and covert forces.

The brothers and sisters of Andhra Pradesh, India have been fighting over. Primordial fears have been escalated and exploited to the best possible means by all sides.
Instead of working on collaboration and resolution through discussions, people have succumbed to the emotional and social blackmailing and coercion.
Is this what have we become and so c…

Cheaper Airlines between Cyprus and India; via Kuwait

Jazeera Airways appears to be one of the cheapest connections between Cyprus and India (around 300-400 Euros compared to about 700-900 Euros by other Airlines).

It started services from Larnaca, Cyprus started around April 2007.

Their main hub is Kuwait. Currently, they have few connections to India (Delhi, Kochi and Mumbai). They sem to have at least one flight a day and in the weekends more.

For people travelling to other major cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai in India, it could be a multi step journey.

For e.g. to Hyderabad, Larnaca <-> Kuwait <-> Mumbai <-> Hyd. And, as Jazeera currently flies till Mumbai. So, one has to book an additional connection themselves through a different/partner airlines.

Though the cost of the ticket appears very attractive, comes along more waiting time in transit.

iStocks, the influence of iphone goes much beyond Apple

iPhone, the innovative multi-touch, multi-functionality phone from apple, has its influence even on stock market.

According to this article on BBC, as O2 reportedly got the exclusive deal for UK market, instead of Vodafone as was initially anticipated, stock price of Vodafone fell about 2.3%.

And, according to another article, the stock prices of several manufacturers and parties involved in making iphone have been rising.

So, sould we call this phenomenon iStocks?

At least, once country admits!

At least, one country admits that they're in Iraq for Oil.

Lets see how many more make statements in favour/against Australian minster.

Sleepwell, dear Britons!

According to the article on BBC, 2/3rd of the Britons have snoring problems in sleeping.

Its an outcome of a survey conducted by a hotel chain Travelodge.

The survey identified five distinct types of snorer:

The Snorter (18%): Distinguished by a rapid blowing of air through the nostrils and mouth, similar to the sound of a horse snorting.

The Snorchestra (12%): Typified by long, low snores that gradually build into a deafening crescendo.

The McEnroe (10%): Distinguished by violent grunting sounds, similar to the noise made by tennis stars when competing.

The Walrus (8%): Typified by continuous groaning noises when sleeping.

The Old Banger (5%): Sounds like a broken car with a spluttering engine.

Joost - I've got invites

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As someone said, "God has provided resources for everyone's need, but not for everyone's greed".

While I was in India, I used to feel really great about one of the very few Indian CEOs in an MNC IT firm like Computer Associates. May be, I was too innocent then to understand the other-sides of a leader like him.

Having seen the verdict in the accounting fraud, which he has pleaded guilty and getting a 12 year sentence along with $8m fine.. is really disgusting.

Is it the "greed", that causes people to go to such extremes?.

ps: There have been several such accounting frauds and sentences, but this case in particular is different for me for the reason that, he is an Indian CEO (after all, we are all humans).

Andhra turns 50

Though Andhra Pradesh (AP) has a history more than 2000 years, its the Andhra Pradesh we live in free India (India got its freedom British colonial rule in 1947).

That Andhra Pradesh has turned 50 today. Its the first state to be formed on the basis of language in 1956. Though, there are other states (Karnataka, Maharashtra, etc) to be formed so on the same date.

Looking at the progress, that the state has made in the past 50 years, is certainly good. But, it could have been lot better.

More than three decades of continuous administration by the Congress party (a nation level party which was supposed to be dissolved after India got its freedom), the emergence more regional parties like Telugu Desam, more recently Teleganra Rashtra Samithi is fueling lot of regional sentiments (some true and some are articulated by politicians for the advantage). But, these regional parties are certainly helping the local population to fight for their rights and compete in the world's largest demo…

CDN: Content Delivery Networks

I was wondering, how much bandwidth might be consumed by giants like I came across this site
Some interesting statistics of youtube around July, 2006, estimated at least 25 petabytes/month consumed by youtube
and then noted that, youtube's muscle power for bandwidth is given by a company called limelightnetworks.

Just take a look at their content delivery map.

Is this the future akamai?