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Cheaper Airlines between Cyprus and India; via Kuwait

Jazeera Airways appears to be one of the cheapest connections between Cyprus and India (around 300-400 Euros compared to about 700-900 Euros by other Airlines).

It started services from Larnaca, Cyprus started around April 2007.

Their main hub is Kuwait. Currently, they have few connections to India (Delhi, Kochi and Mumbai). They sem to have at least one flight a day and in the weekends more.

For people travelling to other major cities like Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai in India, it could be a multi step journey.

For e.g. to Hyderabad, Larnaca <-> Kuwait <-> Mumbai <-> Hyd. And, as Jazeera currently flies till Mumbai. So, one has to book an additional connection themselves through a different/partner airlines.

Though the cost of the ticket appears very attractive, comes along more waiting time in transit.