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Hollywood.. Bollywood.. and the influence

I have been in Germany during the past six months or so, several times in Germany (on business visits).

Most of the times, the taxi drivers I encounter are from Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and few other countries of that geographic region.

Certainly, by my colour of skin, they feel that, I am an Indian atleast south Asian. On telling them that, I'm fron India, the next reaction I encounter is, aaah.. Movies. Most of them have been great fans of Indian movies. This is partly the reason that, those countries do not have many movies made indigenously. So, they get to see the movies made in India.

Slowly, I started to contemplate my past encounteres. Some of my friends went to Egypt on a small tour. Same situation there as well. The first thing the local Egyptians recall when they were told that my friends were from India, Amitabh Bachhan.

So, is the case with Europe (principally industrially developed nations). They have been watching so many movies from Hollywood. I have also o…

Ja, Yeah

So, what makes this american affirmation, come into existence.

For the past few days, I have been reading quite a bit on America [you can call it random reading, because I follow the hyperlinks ;-)].

I used to feel that, there must have been a sensible reason on why this German word became so common in America.

Today, I have discovered that, that 60 million Americans (according to 2000 US census), have German ancestry.