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3D view of the mess we've created underground

One of my dreams, is coming true. I have been thinking for a long time, whether any of the governments/organisations know what all the pipes are under-ground.

British govt. is attempting to map all of the pipes in 3D, in UK. The project is funded with a 2.2 million pounds.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Pipe network to be mapped in 3D

Its very obvious to see, how beneficial it would be to have such a system in place.

I wonder, when would Indian folks take these footsteps. I'm recalling one of the advertisements show by Times of India.

Japan's humanoid robots | Better than people?

One culture has been a great fascination for me : Japanese. Whether it be their technological expertise, or their ability to excel in almost any manufacturing practice in which they're part of.

As most of us know, Japanese are world-leaders in Industrial Robots. But, how many times we thought, why?. Here's an insight article on Economist, looks at why this unique community favours Robots so much.

Japan's humanoid robots | Better than people |

Interestingly, it also contrasts the Japanese way of thought towards living and non-living things from the perspective of Shintoism. How're they immune from robophobia.

Nevertheless, I've come across an interesting discussion /. is it the necessity or the choice that Japanese have so much interest in Robots. The article also discusses at not so pleasant view of racism in Japanese society and a reader indeed made a comment referring to the article from Economist with the following comments.

The article had an espe…

Bangalore talent lures start-ups in high tech - Business - International Herald Tribune

Is Bangalore losing the ground or revitalising all its strengths?.

Here's an article on IHT (International News Paper from NY Times), discussing how Bangalore is becoming the incubation center for the young graduates. Is it the city's atmosphere that has developed over the past twenty years or so with so many technology and research companies.

Bangalore talent lures start-ups in high tech - Business - International Herald Tribune

The new firms are drawn by the region's big pool of engineering graduates, many of whom have expertise in esoteric new technologies.

That advantage, coupled with labor costs much lower than those of Silicon Valley, is starting to turn Bangalore, long a center for lower- end outsourcing services, into a center of higher-end innovation.

I sincerely look forward to see the Desi Silicon Valley. Way to go!

If Google calls it Labs, Yahoo goes Next

Keep looking into some of the very innoative and amazingly useful things from the two giants of search.

Google Labs: The technology playground for Google.

Yahoo Next: The cutting edge of what Yahoo!'s doing today and working on for tomorrow!

Not all of these innovations go into the mainstream, but give a new dimension to the way look, organise and store information.

Its quite interesting to see this race between Google and Yahoo. Irrespective of who would win the race, the end user will certainly get a lot of comfort.

Vital Statistics of the two most populous nations

Here's are two interesting and very informative articles from McKinsey Quarterly.

Checking India's Vital Signs (Registration required) [The article is supposed to be accessible only for premium subscribers, but in the light of the visit of US President to India, it has been kept for free till March 7, 2006.]

Checking China's Vital Signs

Instead of long descriptinve text with few illustrations, these articles are just presented with full of illustrations. Very easy to understand, about the Overview of the nation, Economy, and Challenges that lie ahead.

Shouldn't we get benefit from this knowledge?

Thanks to McKinsey Quarterly.