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Turmoil in Andhra Pradesh, India

Dr Ambedkar believed that in democracy revolutionary changes in the
economic and social life of the people are brought about without bloodshed. The
conditions for that are as follows: “(1) there should not be glaring
inequalities in society, that is, privilege for one class; (2) the existence of
an opposition; (3) equality in law and administration; (4) observance of
constitutional morality; (5) no tyranny of the majority; (6) moral order of
society: and (7) public conscience.”
People of Andhra Pradesh have lived harmoniously for many years. But,
things started changing all of a sudden and thanks to greedy, power hungry
politicians and covert forces.

The brothers and sisters of Andhra Pradesh, India have been fighting over. Primordial fears have been escalated and exploited to the best possible means by all sides.
Instead of working on collaboration and resolution through discussions, people have succumbed to the emotional and social blackmailing and coercion.
Is this what have we become and so c…