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West goes 'East' again

This is not 17th or 18th century where Europeans wanted to grab the treasures from East.

Young Americans finding it more appealing and challenging for their career. As this article states, several Americans esp from Texas are going to India in the light of rapid economic development in India.

This has really made me to think again?

Do all Indians and Americans agree with this? I am really optimistic on the progress of India. India along with China are going to be the economic superpowers of 21st century.

Either we can wait and see whats going to happen or be a part of this revolution.

The good part of the article is it does state some of the radical changes an American would face.. whether it be bargaining with a local auto-driver or how difficult is to find a date.

Layout Engines: Which OS has the most compatible ones?

The layout engines are the rendering engines (or the core) of most of the web browsers we have been using.

Wikipedia has an excellent article on the Layout Engines

I have discovered that, Mac OS X has more compatible rendering engines than any other OS (amongst Windows, Mac OS X & 9, Linux, BSD, Unix).

The article has very informative comparison of these layout engines.

Who said water goes only downstream?

Scientists in US have proved water can flow upstream without any external force over metal sheets scored with a carefully designed array of grooves.

They've lot more expectations out of this to drive coolants through overheating computer microchips.

Apparently, it also mentions that the effect was described in 18th century by a German scients Johann Gottlob Leidenfrost.

More at BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Scientists make water run uphill