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iStocks, the influence of iphone goes much beyond Apple

iPhone, the innovative multi-touch, multi-functionality phone from apple, has its influence even on stock market.

According to this article on BBC, as O2 reportedly got the exclusive deal for UK market, instead of Vodafone as was initially anticipated, stock price of Vodafone fell about 2.3%.

And, according to another article, the stock prices of several manufacturers and parties involved in making iphone have been rising.

So, sould we call this phenomenon iStocks?

At least, once country admits!

At least, one country admits that they're in Iraq for Oil.

Lets see how many more make statements in favour/against Australian minster.

Sleepwell, dear Britons!

According to the article on BBC, 2/3rd of the Britons have snoring problems in sleeping.

Its an outcome of a survey conducted by a hotel chain Travelodge.

The survey identified five distinct types of snorer:

The Snorter (18%): Distinguished by a rapid blowing of air through the nostrils and mouth, similar to the sound of a horse snorting.

The Snorchestra (12%): Typified by long, low snores that gradually build into a deafening crescendo.

The McEnroe (10%): Distinguished by violent grunting sounds, similar to the noise made by tennis stars when competing.

The Walrus (8%): Typified by continuous groaning noises when sleeping.

The Old Banger (5%): Sounds like a broken car with a spluttering engine.

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