Sleepwell, dear Britons!

According to the article on BBC, 2/3rd of the Britons have snoring problems in sleeping.

Its an outcome of a survey conducted by a hotel chain Travelodge.

The survey identified five distinct types of snorer:

The Snorter (18%): Distinguished by a rapid blowing of air through the nostrils and mouth, similar to the sound of a horse snorting.

The Snorchestra (12%): Typified by long, low snores that gradually build into a deafening crescendo.

The McEnroe (10%): Distinguished by violent grunting sounds, similar to the noise made by tennis stars when competing.

The Walrus (8%): Typified by continuous groaning noises when sleeping.

The Old Banger (5%): Sounds like a broken car with a spluttering engine.


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