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Interactive Mathematics Activities

If you're bored of routine activities. Here's your place to make your brain sharper. Don't think, these are problems for kids. I feel, every problem is unique in its own way.

Interactive Mathematics Activities: "Interactive Mathematics Activities"

INCOSE - A Consensus of the INCOSE Fellows on Systems Engineering

INCOSE - A Consensus of the INCOSE Fellows: "Most systems engineers accept the following basic core concepts:

1. Understand the whole problem before you try to solve it
2. Translate the problem into measurable requirements
3. Examine all feasible alternatives before selecting a solution
4. Make sure you consider the total system life cycle. The birth to death concept extends to maintenance, replacement and decommission. If these are not considered in the other tasks, major life cycle costs can be ignored.
5. Make sure to test the total system before delivering it.
6. Document everything."

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

YouSendIt | Email large files quickly, securely, and easily!

I was irritated by gmail's attachment policy. When I was going through, I found a reference to this site.

Quite an interesting one, especially if you face problems when sending attachments.

MIR-OS: OS being made in India

Guys, look at this. It seems some guys in Bangalore are trying to (re)create an OS. Several techs they used seem to have borrowed from Linux and Unix world. Work looking at.

Documentation page still says 'Under Construction'. This s/w is certainly an outcome out of the interests of these young programmers. Anyway, all the best guys.

MIR-OS. Couldn't figure out the reason behind the name.

Global Billing Association: Officers

Major Players in Billing

The list can also include

and take more clues from Google Sets

Billing Related Sites

National Youth Day: Quotes by Swami Vivekananda

"Have faith in yourselves, great convictions are the mother of great deeds"
- Swami Vivekananda (January 12, 1863 -
July 4, 1902) His birth day is celebrated as a National Youth day.

Very inspirational.

-----Quotes by Swami Vivekananda

1. Choose the highest ideal and live your life upto that. Look
at the "ocean" and not at the wave.
2. That which tends to increase the divinity in you is virtue,
and that which tends to increase brutality in you is vice.
3. He who sees Shiva in the poor, in the weak, and in the
diseased, really worships Shiva.
4. Purity in thought, speech, and act is absolutely necessary
for anyone to be religious. Purity is strength. Spiritual truth is
5. The ideal of the man is to see God in everything. The real
evil is idleness which is the principal cause of our poverty.
6. Everyone should know that there is no salvation except
through the conquering of desires.

20 Year Archive on Google Groups

These are some of the points of time where so many things were shared almost in the beginning of (to be) great things.

Whether its WWW, Linux or MTV. So many things are first shared on Usenet. Cheers !!

20 Year Archive on Google Groups: "20 Year Usenet Timeline"

WebCams [Random webcams from the Net]

This is quite an interesting way to look at the world. You don't know what you're going to see, but you can see.

An automated updation of countless webcams spread through out the world. Interesting hmm... ain't it :-)

WebCams: "Random webcams from the Net" - where tiny is better!

When was the last time you felt that the URL you're looking at is too long?

Here's an interesting way of squeezing the long URLs to some not so meaningful shortcuts. Yes, it looks almostlike a URL redirection though. - where tiny is better!

RSS Comics

If you love any of
Calvin and Hobbes
Frank & Ernest

Check this RSS Comics :: page to get the RSS feeds for the comics. Really cool, isn't it?

Dilbert - Perhaps the most famous office worker

Have you ever wondered about the dynamics of any working environment. If you work some where or about to work, its the time to switch to pehaps the most widely read satiric projection of the melo-drama in work places. Thats Dilbert.

Dilbert Comic Strip Archive - - The Official Dilbert Website by Scott Adams - Dilbert, Dogbert and Coworkers!


Sounds interesting, would like to follow-up.



A personality quiz about your religious beliefs and spiritual beliefs - a quiz answering What Religion Am I?

Its quite interesting to see how one's thoughts and beliefs are prioritized :-).

People of the Year: Bloggers

According to ABC News, bloggers are People of the Year. Good work. "This week, their influence has become readily apparent. Dozens of bloggers have been filing firsthand reports from the areas devastated by southern Asia's deadly tsunamis.

Nostalgia - NCST

Jut now, I have seen some of the active-very active blogs on the net. All, belonging to some of the great minds working at and leading NCST. NCST is now known as C-DAC. But, the URL still remains ;-)
Little Sasi's Little Thoughts

Also, found the following Blogs.

Philip : The Unique College Senior (Blue Swiss Cheese :-D)

All happened, when I was goint through Tahir Hashmi's website It seems, he has left NCST. But, don't know where is he now.

Also came to know through Sasi's blog that how much he cares about his students, mentees and JJ's marriage.

I am really missing you all guys

Sai Baba

A person could spend so much time in knowing about one person/thing. I feel, it mostly happens only when one has a utmost attachment or extreme hatred.

This page is certainly looking into so many instances of Baba's interactions with so many devotees.

Sai Baba

I felt, its really worth going through when you really want to know about his mysterious actions.

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