Japan's humanoid robots | Better than people?

One culture has been a great fascination for me : Japanese. Whether it be their technological expertise, or their ability to excel in almost any manufacturing practice in which they're part of.

As most of us know, Japanese are world-leaders in Industrial Robots. But, how many times we thought, why?. Here's an insight article on Economist, looks at why this unique community favours Robots so much.

Japan's humanoid robots | Better than people | Economist.com

Interestingly, it also contrasts the Japanese way of thought towards living and non-living things from the perspective of Shintoism. How're they immune from robophobia.

Nevertheless, I've come across an interesting discussion /. is it the necessity or the choice that Japanese have so much interest in Robots. The article also discusses at not so pleasant view of racism in Japanese society and a reader indeed made a comment referring to the article from Economist with the following comments.

The article had an especially strong lead paragraph about an immigrant who would never be able to get a job taking care of the elderly because she was a foreigner and because she wasn't a robot; the point of the article was that racism is so strong in Japan that old people actually shy away from a human's touch when the human isn't the right kind, and that they prefer robots.


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